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Who Am I

Victoria Schmidt

I became an IFBB Pro Bikini Athlete at the age of 20.  My experience in dance, combined with a strong enthusiasm for performance and the stage, has greatly impacted my journey in fitness and competing.

At the age of 13, I discovered a passion for weightlifting and committed myself to the fitness lifestyle. Five years later, I began competing in the bikini category and was able to marry my love for the stage with my newfound fitness interests.

Now, as a professional athlete and coach, my job is to transfer my expertise and enthusiasm for performance to my athletes and assist them in achieving their objectives. I strive to inspire and empower those I work with to achieve their full potential with  dedication, passion, discipline, and a commitment to success.

What is PosingVS

PosingVS offers a comprehensive solution for bikini athletes who wish to improve their stage presence and performance. PosingVS offers an unique approach to mastering the art of posing with personalized one-on-one online posing classes with IFBB Pro Victoria Schmidt.

Our program focuses on both technical proficiency and stage presence. Initially, we will work on improving your technique and ensuring that each pose is comfortable. Then, we will develop your stage presence, self-assurance, and natural performance style.

At PosingVS, our prime goal is to showcase your physique's strengths while also highlighting your distinct features and personality. Our goal is to help you stand out and demonstrate why you deserve to win.


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